The PR Engine

One of our most popular programs, The PR Engine, is a FREE service to all Premium Members in which we help them secure real media coverage through our network of urban Blogs, Magazines, Radio Shows and other independent Media Outlets.

How it works?

We understand that most independent artists can't afford the $1,000/Month to hire a qualified publicist. That's why we've used our relationships with other major media outlets to create a system where our members receive REAL media coverage based on their TALENT and NOT their WALLET! Submitting monthly Updates to the PR ENGINE on our site, members receive FREE PR Assistance including:

  • Review and Analysis of all Update Submissions by a Professional PR Assistant
  • Guaranteed Post on for all Approved Updates
  • Social Media posts promoting Updates to our network of 40,000 users across Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Approved posts are also distributed to our full network of Media Outlets to be considered for coverage