2 Real 2 Raw 2 Wild To Stop Watching - The Anything and Everything Talk & Play Show

Team Get Money are the hosts of the most talked about live show on the web. Love and Saint are the first couple of comedy and phenomenal motivational speakers. This show highlights artists, creators, businesses, causes, and organizations. They radiate vibes of love and laughter on every show, while at the same time discussing real issues to improve the lives of their audience. Explicit content, 18 and up target market. They so hood but the show is so damn good! YouTube@ Saint Villo DeVille


Book your interview or performance now. We can upload your recorded shows or concerts to our Anything and Everything / Saint Villo DeVille channels and share them with our viewers. Actors, Public Speakers, Poets, Painters, Dancers, Musicians, and Entertainers of all kinds a welcomed and appreciated. We love original and different around here so do not hold back. Come feel the vibe with Team Get Money in Morrow Ga. on Jonesboro Rd. at Cool Telly TV.