I never thought that I would be the 1st artist named in producer ROB THE MATRIX contest. I used 7 beats and BENTLEY MUSIC was the 1st. Updates soon on that, but I wanted to let you know that I am a GHOSTWRITER LYRICIST and have been dabbling with beats for producers. I would love for you to check out "NO HANDZ" This piece I did for StreetCredRecords with new youth producer Mahki. Check out other sounds on YouTube "DA RUMBLE" has over 175K views. Working with JannyShmanny of RealityMusicCo who books me.
General Update
I'm my own critic constantly challenging myself to create a better track than the prior. Although I've only published 3 tracks, I am a lyricist who ghostwrites and performs. This track "POWDER WHIPPER UPPER" was my first drop along with the in-studio video. My brand "Back Wit A Banger" has been said to reveal a sound that is not the typical Philadelphia artist sound. I chose my artist name PAPER$ because of the legitimacy of my writing worthiness. New music drops Dec. 10, on the lookout..PAPER$
In the Studio