AllStar Weekend

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Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 1:00pm to 9:45pm

Calling all Artist, Producers, Bloggers & Fanbase to come out and show your hard work.

Wonderland Production Studio
3233 St.Bernard St. C
70119 New Orleans , LA


I am very interested in performing for the All-Star game

Need this booking

I want to perform on this platform. Please provide details to my email

Very interested in performing

Want To Perform, I Need The Details

Very interested in performing send info to

need this show contact me

I want 2 perform

Very interested in performing

I would like to submit my group to perform. Where can I find the details?

I'm very interested

Very interested in performing please send details to

I am very interested and def want to perform. send info to

I am interested please email me the details at

Put me down to perform for my city

whats needed to perform at your event?

How do we get on

How can I perform in this?

I Want In if Possible... KSG

How can I get an performance slot

Very interesting in performing

We are very interested in performing please send us a submission link or email booking details to, Thank You
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We are very interested in performing. Please send us all info to Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Please send requirements to

Please send requirements to

What are the requirements for this? I would love to perform

I'm interested in receiving more information please
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How do we get the info to perform?

Iwant to perform I'm from Louisiana this my home,I got to perform

I would love to perform at this event, Details Inquiry?

Details inquiry?