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Reaching over 76,000 Bloggers, DJs, Artists and Industry Professionals, Makin’ It Magazine is the perfect outlet to build your BRAND or grow your industry BUZZ.

New issues of the magazine are released quarterly (every 3 months) and distributed through over 300 Recording Studios, Label Offices, Radio Stations and MAJOR Industry Events in 40+ states.

If you’re an independent artist or brand looking for exposure, getting in the magazine is as simple as purchasing ad space or submitting updates about your music or company.

What’s the difference between Advertising and Editorial Features?

Editorial Features
Editorial coverage is 100% Free. We do NOT charge for Interviews, Articles or Music Reviews. All editorial coverage is earned based on the music and updates submitted by users. To be eligible for coverage, register today and start submitting now!

While advertising isn’t free, it guarantees placement in the magazine along with the exact size of the space in that issue. Purchasing ad space also gives you 100% creative control over the content featured in your layout.

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