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Followed by over 800 DJs, Promoters, Managers, and Industry Professionals, song placement on the Makin' It Approved Spotify Playlist has led directly to Radio Interviews, Club Spins, Performances, and more.

How is it so Effective?

We don't sell placements on our playlist. Being featured is a literal co-sign from our company for the quality of Music and the artist's potential. This means something to people who can actually open doors for new talent.

How do I Get on the Playlist?

The only way to get on the playlist is to earn a slot. We select up to 8 songs each month to be added. As long as you have an active subscription to our site, Every song you get played during our music reviews or submit a post about is automatically considered for Playlist Placement.

What Comes with Playlist Placement

Songs selected for Playlist Placement may receive additional marketing support, including:

  • Instagram Posts
  • IG Live Interview
  • Magazine Features
  • Bonus plays during Music Review