Become a Mimber!

What is The Mimbership?

It’s an organization, a platform, and a network built to help independents succeed. Becoming a Mimber gives you access to real industry contacts, opportunities, and services to advance your career.

Why The Mimbership?

We believe everyone deserves a fair shot, regardless of their budget, who they know, or where they come from. If you’re talented and willing to work, you should be heard and taken seriously. The Mimbership offers independent artists, producers, DJs and industry professionals a level playing field where they can get real opportunities based on their talent and work.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to exclusive services and content, we use our connections to provide Mimbers with access to opportunities and resources that are normally out of their reach. This includes:

  • Help managing their own PR
  • Assistance building their brand in the Industry
  • Connecting with other serious independents
  • Free Submissions for Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Consideration for Media Placements
  • Access to Resources and Insider Information

What Kind of Sponsorships?

The Mimbership includes free submissions for various sponsorship opportunities. All submissions get reviewed, and Mimbers who best fit the specific opportunities are chosen. There are no submission fees, placements fees, or additional costs. Paid travel is also provided for many of the Major Performance opportunities. Here’s a brief list of things we've sponsored:

  • Placements on WorldStar Hip Hop
  • Promo Campaigns w/ ATL Top 20
  • Performances at Core DJ Retreats
  • FREE Registrations to A3C Festival
  • Features from Established Artists
  • Collaborations with Major Producers
  • Free Consulting from Industry Veterans
  • Sponsored Listening Parties
  • Cash Investments
  • Opening for Major Acts
  • Promo Campaigns w/ Digiwaxx
  • DJ Conference Calls with Nerve DJs
  • Music Video Financing
  • FREE Performances during SxSW
  • Meetings with Major Execs

What about Media Placements?

All Mimbers have access to post monthly updates through our PR Engine. Those updates appear on various pages throughout our site, and get distributed to dozens of taste makers and Media Partners to be considered for real (Free) Media Placements including:

  • Online Radio Play
  • Online Radio Interviews
  • FM Radio Play
  • FM Radio Interviews
  • Spotify Playlist Posts
  • Soundcloud Influencer Reposts
  • Print Magazine Features
  • Blog Features
  • Social Media Influencer Posts
  • Collaboration with YouTube Influencers
  • Television Interviews & Features
  • Newsletter/Email Blast Placements

How Much is The Mimbership?

Mimbership dues are currently only $199 per year (Regularly $699). But for those who can't afford it we also offer a Starter Mimbership with monthly dues of just $29 per month (Regularly $99). Mimbership dues are never increased on active mimbers, so you keep that rate for the life of your Mimbership, even when current discounts end.

What's the difference between Mimberships?

Starter Mimbers have access to the same benefits as Full Mimbers with select limitations and exceptions, and are automatically upgraded to Full Mimber status after they've had their Mimbership for a full year.

Can I Cancel or Upgrade My Mimbership?

All payments are non-refundable, but Mimberships can easily be canceled online to prevent future charges. Starter Mimbers may also upgrade to a Full Mimbership at anytime. Cost of upgrades are prorated to account for any recent Mimbership payment.

Who is the Mimbership for?

Though many of the opportunities we promote are for artists, The Mimbership is actually for anyone in the urban music industry. Producers have used it to sell beats and land placements. DJs have used it increase demand for their services and land bookings. Professionals use it to connect with new clients. Every Mimber who consistently utilizes the platform sees real results.

Is The Mimbership RIGHT for me?

If any of the following statements apply to you, The Mimbership would be beneficial to you.

  • I feel like I need a publicists but can’t afford one right now.
  • I’m looking for real exposure based on my talent and NOT my pockets.
  • I have good music and I’m willing to work, but I don’t have a huge budget.
  • I live in a city that doesn't support local music and I want to network in bigger markets.
  • I want to establish more value for my services/talent, so I can make more money.
  • I really believe I have what it takes to be successful, I just need the opportunity to prove it.

Is The Mimbership WRONG for me?

We understand The Mimbership isn't a fit for everybody. It doesn't work for people with the wrong expectations or attitude. If any of the following questions are floating through your head, we DO NOT recommend becoming a Mimber.

Can I just sign up to submit for this ONE opportunity and then cancel?

The Mimbership isn't about submitting for opportunities. It’s about working with independents to help them make money and grow their brand.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get booked for shows, blog features, etc?

The only thing we can guarantee is a FAIR shot for your talent to earn you the opportunities you deserve. Anyone who guarantees anything without hearing your music or knowing your situation is untrustworthy.

Can I just get The Mimbership for a FEW months to try it out?

Even though our Starter Mimbership is month-to-month, it’s only intended for people who can’t afford the annual fee. The Mimbership isn't something you try for a few months, and we’re not looking for people who approach it that way. We only want Mimbers who are committed to being great, not people looking for shortcuts or over night success.

Why do I need a Mimbership if everything's free?

The Mimbership is what makes everything free. We don't charge to submit for opportunities, and there are NO FEES when selected.Your Annual Mimbership costs less than 55¢ per day. Even though that's a very small amount of money, it weeds out the people who always want something for nothing, so we can focus on helping those who take their careers seriously.

Is this a scam?

Even though we’ve been in business over 10 years and there are plenty of videos showing what we do, some people will still have doubts. If you feel this is too good to be true, go with your gut. DO NOT purchase The Mimbership. We only desire to work with people who have 100% faith in what we do. That allows us to put 100% into what they do.

What's the Catch?

What you get out of The Mimbership is directly related to what you put into it. If you expect to spend a couple hundred dollars and have someone else fix all of your problems, you're not going to be happy with our service.

What we do isn't magic, but it is special. No other company is more dedicated to helping independents reach their goals. In 2018 we provided Mimbers with over $150,000 in sponsorships and media placements. This is in addition to the thousands of connections and business opportunities we helped create for them.

If you're looking for a quick fix, you're in the wrong place. We only offer real results, and those take time. Lasting progress isn't measured in weeks or months. We understand this, and it's why Mimbership dues are paid annually. Our goal isn't to make you famous, it's to make you successful. If you're willing to consistently read our emails and dedicate at least 15 minutes a week to using the site, we promise ONE year from now you'll be in a much better position than you are today.

Where do I go from here?

If you are ready to get some real help taking your career to the next level, just click the button below to get started! If you're not completely confident that The Mimbership will be beneficial to you, don't purchase it. Instead, just sign up for a Free Account to network and take advantage of the occasional non-mimber benefits.

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Regularly $699

Our Mimbership which renews annually and includes access to all resources, services, and opportunities.


Purchase Starter Mimbership!$29 per month
Regularly $99

If you can't afford a Full Mimbership you can purchase a Starter Mimbership TODAY and receive access to nearly all the same benefits with select exclusions. Starter Mimbers are not eligible for offers of Paid Travel unless specifically stated on benefit page.

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