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How Does it Work?

We use our contacts and resources to set up amazing opportunities for our members, but instead of doing the PAY-TO-PLAY system like other companies, we give access to everyone. All you need is a Membership!

How Much is Membership?

For a limited time membership is only $199 per year (Regularly $699). Don't have it in the budget right now? Get started TODAY for just $29.

What Does Membership Include?

Nothing but D.O.P.E... (Deals Opportunities Perks & Exposure!)


We regularly partner with Promotional Companies, DJ Coalitions, Event Promoters and Industry Professionals to negotiate discounts on the services our members need. These include discounts on CD Duplication, Mixtape Placements, Music Conference Registration, Audio Mixing, DJ Conference Calls and MORE.


Every month we tap into our network to set up MAJOR opportunities for our members to collaborate with established Artists and Producers, perform on Major Shows, receive Sponsorships, meet with A&Rs and Industry Veterans or land free Song Placements on promotional projects. Opportunities are open to ALL members. Submissions are FREE and there’s NEVER any Performance or Placement fee for those selected. See all current opportunities.


Membership also includes additional FREE services guaranteed for all members. This includes FREE entry to select industry events, FREE Producer Email Blasts, FREE Conference Call access, FREE DJ Email Blasts, FREE Magazine Subscription and MORE.


The most import thing we do is help members build their brand and manage their own PR. All members have access to post music and career updates to the site every 30 days. These updates are featured in The Wire and distributed to our network of Tastemakers and Media Partners. In addition to being featured on our site which receives over 20,000 unique visitors per month, those updates are also reviewed for FREE media placements including Magazine Write-ups, Email Blasts, Blog Placements, Radio Interviews, Mixtape Features, Club Spins, Show Bookings, and more.

Who is the Membership for?

Because most of our members are Artists, many of the Opportunities we promote cater to Artists, but the membership itself is actually for anyone in the music industry. Producers have used it to sell beats and land placements. DJs have used it to get booked and increase demand for their services. Managers have used it to find artists, and Industry Professionals have also used it to connect with new clients.

Is the Membership RIGHT for you?

If any of the following statements apply to you, You should definitely get a membership.

  • I feel like I need a publicists but can’t afford one right now.
  • I’m looking for real exposure based on my talent and NOT my pockets.
  • I have good music and I’m willing to work, but I don’t have a huge budget.
  • I live in a city that doesn’t support local music and I want to network in bigger markets.
  • I want to establish more value for my services/talent, so I can make more money.
  • I really believe I have what it takes to be successful, I just need the opportunity to prove it.

Is the Membership WRONG for you?

We understand our membership isn't a fit for everybody. It doesn't work for people with the wrong expectations or attitude. If any of the following questions are floating through your head, DO NOT become a member.

Can I just sign up to submit for this ONE opportunity and then cancel?

The membership isn’t about submitting for opportunities it’s about working with independents to help them make money and grow their brand.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get booked for shows, blog features, etc?

The only thing we can guarantee is a FAIR opportunity for your talent to earn you the opportunities you deserve. Anyone who guarantees anything without hearing your music or knowing your situation is untrustworthy.

Can I just get a Membership for a FEW months to try it out?

Even though we offer a month-to-month option, it’s only intended for people who can’t afford the annual fee. Our membership isn’t something you try for a few months and we’re not looking for people who approach it like that. We only want members who are committed to being great, not people looking for shortcuts or over night success.

Why I gotta pay for a Membership, If everything is free?

We provide a lot of services to members at absolutely no cost. We don’t charge to submit for opportunities, and there are NO FEES when people are selected. We’re able to do this because everyone pays a fair membership fee (less than 40¢ per day). That membership fee weeds out the undesirable people who always want something for nothing. This let's us focus on helping those who take their careers seriously.

Is this a scam?

Even though we’ve been in business 10+ years and there are tons of evidence and videos that show what we do, some people will still have doubts. If you feel this is too good to be true, go with your gut. DO NOT purchase a membership. We only desire to work with people who have 100% faith in what we do. That allows us to put 100% into what they do.

Where do I go from here?

If you're not completely confident that our membership would be beneficial for you, don't purchase one. Instead, just sign up for a Free Account to get some help managing your PR. But if you do see the value and you're ready to get some real help taking your career to the next level, just click the button below to get started.

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