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More than 800 DJs, Promoters, Managers, and Industry Professionals follow the official Makin' It Approved Spotify Playlist. Curatored specifically for other curators and industry professionals to discover new talent, placement on this playlist is an official co-sign from the Makin' It brand. Playlist placements have directly led to Radio Interviews, Club Spins, Performances, and more.

How do I Get on the Playlist?

WE DO NOT SELL PLAYLIST PLACEMENTS. The only way to get added to the playlist is to earn a slot. We select up to 6 songs to be add to the playlist each month. Any song submitted for our weekly Music Review or posted about is automatically considered placement.

What Comes with Playlist Placement

Songs selected for Playlist Placement may receive additional marketing support, including:

  • Instagram Posts
  • IG Live Interview
  • Magazine Features
  • Plays during Live Stream


No subscription is required, but songs must be released on DSPs to be added to the playlist.

For our Supporters

Five of the six monthly placements are reserved exclusively for our supporters. Subscribe Today to support the platform and unlock even more opportunities for exposure.