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Internet Radio is by far one of the most economical ways for independent artists to reach new fans. The huge volume of unique stations catering to niche audiences around the globe, gives today's talent countless opportunities to tap into new markets. 

While a single internet radio station may not reach the same volume of people as it's FM counterpart, it has the ability to reach a wider array of engaged listeners minus the money and politics associated with traditional radio. 

Unfortunately a lack of analytics around internet radio causes many independents to miss out on major opportunities to expand their fanbases. This is why we've partnered with Digital Radio Tracker to offer Mimbers a FREE Full Historical Report for a record of their choice ($99 value).

How Can I Use this Report?

  • Confirm online radio spins from previous promotional campaigns
  • Discover new station playing your music to solicit for interviews
  • Discover new markets that are receptive to your music
  • Use data to plan marketing and promotional spends
  • Utilize Report for PR purposes and social confirmation
  • Plenty of other strategic moves to progress your brand!



Offer expires at 11:59PM EST on Friday, December 14, 2018


Each Mimber redeeming this offer will receive:


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