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Submit music now to be one of 16 artists to compete in our next $1,000 Music Review Tournament!

Every Wednesday, we host a special Mimbers Only Music Review to find talented artists to compete in our $1,000 tournament.

Over 100 managers, Artists, DJs, Tastemakers, and other creatives tune in to check out music, network, and get feedback. Paid features, performances, playlist placements, and collaborations have all come from networking in our review chat. Tune in early and connect!

What to Submit?

Our Music Reviews are open to all genres. We accept released songs in addition to...

  • Unreleased music
  • Unfinished songs
  • Reference Tracks
  • Beats/Instrumentals

Feel free to submit ANY music that you won't an honest opinion on.

It's FREE to Submit? 😲

Yes, VIP Submissions are $40, but All active Subscribers & Mimbers receive ONE free submission for each show.


Tournament 4 Winner:

Duka (@DukasDayOff)