Feedback for Writers (Virtual Gathering)

FEEDBACK [feed-bak] – noun: a reaction or response to a particular process or activity.

Anyone who has explored the creative process understands the value of feedback. Exposing our “works in progress” to the critique of our peers certainly takes courage, but feedback can also take our creative endeavors from average to excellent. Art House Dallas wants to provide an encouraging environment within a small group setting to explore your strengths and potential areas of growth as an artist. Groups will always be limited to 4 to 6 and Art House will provide facilitators who have exhibited a track record of success in their art form.

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm CST

Location: Online via Zoom / RSVP Required

Please Note: Registering for this event or adding your name to the waitlist is also an agreement to receive occasional emails from Art House Dallas about upcoming events.

REQUIRED: Registering for this event assumes your commitment to review the work ahead of time. They will be emailed to you before Feedback. Once registered, please send a copy of your piece to


Feedback for Writers is a place where expression, discussion, and new ideas are encouraged. Art House Dallas wants to connect you with one another and pave the way for developing friendships. So, join us for a night of learning and inspiration through the sharing of ideas with fellow artists.

When you express an opinion about the piece, whether it fits your taste or not, it's more important to explain precisely what is good about it and which are the weaker areas that could be improved.

Please remember that any kind of negative criticism is always going to be a bit painful, so be tactful and accurate. Most people tend to over-react to negative criticism, despite the need to improve, so you should compensate for that a little bit.

Come Prepared: Come with a complete enough work that your peers can give constructive critique
Keep an open mind: Know that everything is a work in progress and there are always different approaches to creating and executing a project.
Let the work Speak: Often as artists, our insecurities will get the best of us and we want to over-explain or give a disclaimer.
Twice as many positive comments as negative. Be as specific as you can.
Do not present a problem without suggesting a solution. In other words, do not just say what you think is wrong.
Do not make any jokes, they are much too easily misinterpreted.

Genre of writing
Vibe, Originality, Complexity

Tue, 10/25/2022 - 7:00pm
Zoom 75201 Dallas , TX
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