Next Best Sound : Beat Battle Competition

With Battle Rap in the forefront of Hiphop right now we are here to highlight THE PRODUCER with a platform that exploits their work in a all out BATTLE where the last beat maker standing will be crowed NEXT BEST SOUND. We are bringing the culture to ATLANTA A3C festival Weekend. In a collaboration with Patchwork Studios Atl based Legendary Recording Studio and local as well as international Producers will contribute to make this a epic event.
Round 1.
20 Producers will face off in a Final Four Style elimination each round. 2 Producers face off in a DJ style set up on Stage. After Producers play their beat the celebrity judges will make their decision and the winner will move on to the next round.
Championship Round
The finalist will face off in a best out of 3 beat battle. Each round will have a shot clock present Beat Makers/Producers 1 minute 30 seconds to play their instrumental. Producers/Beat-makers cannot use any beat twice once a beat is used in the competition it cannot use it in later rounds.
Prizes & Give Aways
Each round Producers & attendees will receive small give away prizes and T shirts. A raffle will be held to win new Studio Equipment.
Major Record label reps from several record companies will be in attendance as judges for Beat Battle. Special Guest Celebrity DJs will also be in attendance rocking the crowd in between rounds.
The Winner of the Competition will receive a Cash Prize & sit down with Major label Representative
Names of Producers & Celebrity Guest will be added

Sat, 10/12/2019 - 5:00pm to 10:00pm