The Open Mic Master Class

Every Sunday from 6-8pm, for three weeks, in the teaching studio at Phil Circle Music, you'll gather with a small group of like-minded musicians in a safe space in which to work through the many aspects of performance. Preparing for an open mic stage is more than picking three songs and practicing them. It's more than showing up and signing up. Work with a professional veteran musician who has hosted thousands of open mics and attended at least as many. As an award-winning music coach, Phil Circle has walked countless students through the process of preparing for an open mic. Now he's bringing his process to a small 3-week workshop with very limited space. Designed to give everyone ample one-on-one attention while also getting you more comfortable with playing in front of others, Phil will also approach such topics as stage fright, song selection, reading the crowd, show biz vs performing music, how to win over your host and the crowd, and tips on being a part of this community that is your first stage in your career. Whether you're aspiring to be a working professional or a hobbyist, your enjoyment increases when you have strong skill sets. Phil Circle believes that anyone can learn to get up on a stage and give their all, and that everyone has unlimited potential. Find yours now.

Sun, 02/06/2022 - 6:00pm
Phil Circle Music
1579 North Milwaukee Avenue Unit 305
60622 Chicago , IL
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