Which of these Videos Deserves to Go on WorldStar?


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Here are the finalists for our latest opportunity to get a free video placement on WorldStar. Check them out and help us decide which one deserves the spot.

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Finalists Playlist

  1. "New New" by @_dopediana
  2. "No More Pain" by @mafiello
  3. "T.N.N." by @swizzy
  4. "Fraction" by @vibeshumbly
  5. "Blood On Me" by @sunny_surff
  6. "Deadends" by @yc_794
  7. "4 My City" by @2point0tnt
  8. "Act Right" by @mondoecalifornia
  9. "REMEDY" by @cheekofue
  10. "Get It" by @jr_timberlake
  11. "Put It On You" by @iam5ive
  12. "Slide" by @nfl_stacco
  13. "Blitz" by @lilnunni
  14. "Me Myself & I" by @bholddageneral
  15. "Options" by @theshht

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