DJMzMoodSwingz want to Thank Xntry for the Wellness Check

Everyday people silently battle mental health with a fake smile. DJMzMoodSwingz left the music scene to handle some overwhelming life obstacles and take care of her mental health. She want to encourage artist to take time to nurture themselves. Please check on your people, including the ones you think have it together, they need you! Xntry doesn't know that, DJMzMoodSwingz was sadly living in her car when he did a random wellness check. His words of kindness made a difference. DJMzMoodSwingz says Thank You!
General Update


This is a article was created to send a Special Thanks to an artist that does not know much about me but noticed me missing in action and instead of making assumptions about me he decided to check on me to see if I was good. I will forever appreciate you for that Xntry! You are super dope! Mental health is real it is just as important as your physical health. Take care of you!