Have you listened to the Ghetto Despacito yet? JL The KidD's track " WOULD " claims the title!!

JL The kidD finds a way to pass the time with this ostentatious new release. " WOULD " is a blend of Island vibes and melodic rap with emo undertones. The track was created in contrast to many of today's top female artists, Like The City Girls, and Cardi B, who promote the exploitation of men. In the track, JL not only acknowledges this exploitation, he welcomes it. In fact, JL believes that " if you fall in love we can get you out the hood, so fall for the kid like I knew you would ". Check out WOULD now
Single Release


I would also like to commission " TikTokers " or social media influencers for the promotion of this release, as well as anyone experienced in video editing for short music edits.