Upcoming Hip Hop artist's Emcee AG & JordanLivinGood, have came together to create this amazing new pop record, called "I Feel It". This song is about the artist's expressing the love that they have for their significant other. As soon as you turn on the song the catchy beat draws you in right away. The vocal arrangement for the singer on the hook makes you want to get up, and "Jump For Joy" as Emcee AG states on the first bar in his verse. This is a perfect record for the radio and the club!
Single Release
On January 10th I performed at one of the biggest venues in Austin, Tx and we ended up having 100 people at the show. The feedback that I've been getting from my fans has been nothing but great news. I can't wait to hop on the stage again to show more people what I can do.
Went to this great networking event in Austin on August 27th. Where they had four top Dj's in the city talk about how to get their music played on the radio and in the bars. I also met a great amount of artist and actually let some of the artist freestyle on my beat at the showcase.