BFMB Joker

Released December 14th 2018 12 songs 1 feature A MASTERPIECE I’ve been working on for a long while and my VERSATILITY needs to be heard ANY DMV VIDEOGRAPHERS OR PHOTOGRAPHERS DM ME ON INSTAGRAM @bfmb.joker I’m about to shoot a video for song #2 on my project
This is my Debut Mixtape From doing open mics having majority of the crowd engaged and not being old enough to get in to booking studio sessions from check to check.This project was originally an EP but I only had 2 no name feats and 3 songs out and not a very big following so why showcase a minimal amount of my talent with 5 songs I went incognito put myself to work and dropped 12.I stand behind this project because I had a 3 man support team and we sat plotting then BOOM 12 songs 1 Feat 40mins @BFMB.joker
Album/Mixtape Release