A St. George

When asked how this partnership between A St. George and doyou247.com came about St. George says "i just bought a jersey off her site and did a nice photoshoot with a local photographer out here in the dmv area, posted the pics and people were requesting where to buy the jersey and spending that bread with homegirl who own it." This lead to the owner not only sending A St. George 2 different colorways of the "melanin" jersey but also using his pics as the ones you see on the official website for the jersey!
Business/Project Launch
A St. George and producer @Utilitybeats (on all social media) team up for another soulful banger! "Down" is the age old love song from a rapper to hip hop. at first the song sounds like A St. George is talking to his girl but then it takes a turn when he says "its a walk in the park, take a flight with me higher/ i be lost up in thought when im not right beside ya....just a little rhyme about my rhyme book, give me some time, but look at all the time it took!" lol
Single Release
i have been doing a 365 day rap challenge on ig where i drop verses daily. this album is basically a compilation of the fan favorite verses with hooks built around them. all tracks are exclusive beats i came out the pocket to secure! The rhymes come from both the good and bad sides of my past so i called it "Yin Yang thing" Album releases may 18 a day before my birthday may 19 on all streaming platforms
Album/Mixtape Release