Bringing the raw and uncut, khxng khami makes our jaws drop in his new video for check. Shot by Benjididit , the video and soundtrack delivers a relatable concept of struggle yet uptempo vibe that will surely have you bumping your head by the end of the song. Hardbass with dope punchlines, venture into the mind of the young don.
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New Jersey emcee KHXNGK brings a distinct style to hip-hop. His somber deliver blends with his hard-hitting, poignant lyrics to create an uncharted sound. Like many in the hip-hop community, KHXNGK uses his music as an escape from hardship. A native of Newark, he deviates from the traditional East Coast sound in his “Sacrifices” single. The track, co-produced by Penacho Beats and ChrizBeatz, captures an up-tempo, yet laid-back, southern-styled cadence. To hear “Sacrifices,” click the link below.
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