Khris Too Lit

Khris Too Lit is in the process of working on his album called, Straight Facts. Recently this year back in July he dropped a single on all music platforms called, Straight Facts. Khris Too Lit has a story to tell from real life situations. Check out one of the songs that will be on the Straight Facts Album.
General Update
Khris Too Lit is ready to serve his fans. Releasing his first single of 2018, titled, “Straight Facts,” the Chattanooga-native already proving to be one of the most groundbreaking underground rappers of his domain. “Straight Facts” deviates from the prototypical style of contemporary hip-hop. On the self-produced keynote Khris takes an unconventional approach, focusing on candor instead of the all-too-common fabrications publicized in a great percentage of today’s music. Listen to “Straight Facts” below.
Single Release