King Simba

6 Track Extended Player (EP) demonstrating the vivid artistic mind of King Simba. Everything from battles inside his head followed by the darkest moments in his life; to finally realizing his purpose and the power of his words. King Simba goes through hardship and creates a vision with a message for himself and others to learn, grow, develop and inspire the people to be more than what the eye can see. *The Creator of Magnificent Vision* KING SIMBA *NEW EP* #WhoAmI
Album/Mixtape Release
@iamthekingsimba 1st single release of his EP: Who Am I. The Light is inspiring, motivational and giving a piece of his life story from the darkest moments to his awakening and realization of "The Light". This is a great song and very relatable to many people and was even giving a notice and recommendation to be push thoroughly by Hustle Gang A&R's and @djxatl of X-Gang Management. "The Light" is certainly a breathe of fresh air content wise and a MUST HEAR!
Single Release