King Spydamann

February 21st, 2020 King Spydamann will be performing live at Artisans Bar and Gallery in Atlanta, Ga. This event will be powered and hosted by the independent booking agency Afton Shows ( As FEDSqad Entertainment's flagship artist King Spydamann has been a bright spot in today's independent scene and the artist boasts an entertaining stage show for the upcoming new year. "Anyone who comes to an event to see me will NOT be disappointed", he says. Advance tickets are on sale now.
Hip Hop artist King Spydamann, from Decatur, Ga., has decided to throw in with the heroes, the villains and the genre' that has swept the world of entertainment off of its feet. How does he plan to do this? With his debut novel, The Red Bricks of Krusck-Tale of the Guardians, the first installment to a series chronicling the defining events in the history of a world where superpowers exist, superheroes are all but extinct and the bad guys have long since won the war.
Business/Project Launch
Decatur Ga. Hip Hop artist King Spydamann has dropped "ANOTHER 1". "I Can Get On A Track" featuring and produced by Prime Guizzy, is a high energy gut punch that leaves you wanting more. From the sultry but gutter chorus to the aggressive delivery of lyrics this track is a keen insight into the artist and his hunger. Enter National Media Arts Association, the talented brothers behind the camera. NMAA captures the grittiness of Decatur while showcasing model Melodee as an ultra-sexy on-screen companion.
Music Video Release