Blame Khatib

Hey how's it going guys, it's ya country cousin Blame Khatib back with a beat store for the world and especially my fellow Mimbers!(What's up Kelby & family) Currently I have 10 beats on the site for lease or exclusive purchase, in the upcoming weeks I'll be uploading many more. My personal favorite beats on the site are all of them but if I had to pick 3 they would be "Gorilla In a 650 Benz", "One Night In London", & "Cole, Kendrick, Krit & Wale". Reach out anytime! Stay focused y'all! -Blame Khatib
Business/Project Launch
This is the official audio video for the new single I’m pushing called “Some Action.” It features Los Lauren throughout with the background vocals. The beat to this song is produced by me as well. Give me your feedback all is welcomed good, bad or indifferent. Thank you all! Reach out to me on all social media platforms. My username across the board is “khatibmrag”
Upcoming Release
When not producing for others, Khatib steps in front of the mic and rocks out with the best of them. "Word to Mozzy" drops on turkey day 11-22-18 with 6 new tracks by the crafty multi-talented artist. Word to Mozzy is simply a respect paid to an artist that I’m really feeling. Standout tracks are “No Choice Freestyle, Sleep Walking Freestyle and Im A Gangsta Freestyle”. This is just me doing my thing not a song formatted project.
Album/Mixtape Release