Stonie King

The upcoming International Female Queen Rapper is working on her EP with no funds. You may ask, how? Stonie King has received numerous beats via beat competitions with #PinkFader and the Makin It Mag community. She has decided to demo some of her EP raw and promote them via her IG account @queenstonieking and FB @QueenStonieKing until she has saved enough funds to professionally record her upcoming EP. If you are an Artist investor and would like to make an investment, email
Business/Project Launch
The upcoming female Caribbean Trap Star Rapper is seeking to join forces with upcoming beat makers. Do you have an orginal sound? Are you an undiscovered talented beat maker? Stonie King wants to hear from You! Follow the multi-talented artist on IG @queenstonieking , Subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest updates, then send her a DM with a link to your portfolio including #BeatMe in the message. Join the #BeatMe project. Top 8 beats will be heavily promoted for her upcoming 2019 EP. #LocknRoll
With HER cool presence and burning desires, Stonie King is blazing into the music industry with her unique "blue fire" voice and sound. Born and raised in the islands of the Bahamas, she brings to the hip hop culture a new sound she calls "Caribbean Innovative Rap." She pieces together stories of the good, bad and ugly into one sound. With the many hats she wears, her music career has just begun and she is set to change the game with her unique sound. Interview Request:
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