Migo Traffik

Migo Traffik Currently released a new song on New Years Day Called ( I Did ) it is on all Platforms for everyone to take a listen The song getting played all over take a listen. its very persuading showing the obstacles Migo Traffik Experienced.
Single Release
Blind artist Checking in year 2018 went well, performed on tour with Acehood and Scotty Atl Big Blessings going on a 5 state Tour in 2019 ready to go crazy for the crowd. New visuals/new music/ radio interviews and more coming soon. I am so blessed that I worked so hard this year to get to these steps. I want to thank everyone for supporting me an networking currently looking for a producer. Find me on IG and twitter @traffik4k Facebook Migotraffik music on all platforms search Migo traffik#Lit!!!!!!!