Keno Stax

After opening up for polo g thanks to makin it mag and themimbership more doors have opened that has given me opportunities to work with some new talented artist and even perform in some new places like Charlotte and California. I thank God for the opportunity to do what i love and I hope to gain more exposure and connections from using this platform. I also have some new music on the way which i will leave a drop link to below so you guys can tune in and follow the wave. All the best -Kstax
General Update
This is going to be a life changing experience for the better! Since I made a decision to get this mimbership I feel like im one step closer to the goal. Although there is still more work to come this shows me that doors can be open with hard work, great music of course and also taking a step out of your comfort zone and trusting! I Thank God and I thank MakinItMag. The Link Below is a just a taste of what ill be blessing the stage with.
Upcoming Artist from the Bahamas drops a single for a pre listen before the project release date. follow me on instagram for updates keno.stax TRACK 8 “No Losses” has already been making a dent in the underground airwaves with over 400 listens on soundcloud in 2 days and over 1000 streams on Spotify. BLESS YOUR EARS WITH SOME REAL MUSIC ABOUT THE GRINDE!------
Upcoming Release