Atlanta based recording artist, ENIN PERRYMAN will release his first all original music Christmas CD project on Chicogo Exesucitives MTM lable this fall entitled, "The Soul of Christmas," Appropiately titiled, it will send chills down your spine with such tuns as, "Home for Chirstmas" and "What do singles do at Chirstmas" reminiscent of the Hit by the Emotions, "What do the lonely do at Chirstmas". This musical offering produced by Joe Johnson III, gets you right for the holiday, real music is back!!
Upcoming Release
This new R&B/Soul & Gospel SmashUp is an inpirational mix of Video and Song performances, that will pull on your heart strings as your cruned to the sultry soul R&B sounds of ENIN PERRYMAN, CHICAGO EXECUTIVES MTM's new artist spend you speachless, in a mini movie drama on deliverence and the power of love and power concuring any addiction. The Song " Waiting On You" is a real life testiment of the every day struggle of drug addictions and the overcoming of lifes varied struggles and living again.
Music Video Release