Feezle man

Feezle Man spent countless hours in the Studio to make this a Perfect Mixtape, he teamed up with Blueface To bring the WestCoast Bounce Vibe & also teamed up with Close friend “3Siiixty” to bring a Vibe for the Ladies. The Production is done by Dizzy who makes some of the Best Beats in Las Vegas. This Tape was all Produced in Las Vegas. Every song is a Banger so all you need to do is press Play on the first Song and let it play all the way through. Feezle Man out did his self with this one.
Album/Mixtape Release
(Backstory): Feezle Man seen a Tweet posted by Blueface that got alot of Scrutiny & Hate but Feezle Man Loved it! So he finds Blueface’s IG and sends him a message saying “hey man I believe in what you’re doing and I would like to make a song with you” Long story short Blueface responds and says “Meet me in Arizona” so Feezle man Drives 4 hours from Las Vegas to Arizona to Record the song and Shoot the Music Video to what is now their Hit Single “Nose Up” also Featuring Retro 3x.
Music Video Release