Chuck (formerly Gnarly Brown) has released a limited release mixtape. Heavily inspired by Lil’ Wayne the tongue-in-cheek yet boldly self-proclaimed “Birdman Jr. The Third” has named his newest release “Da Drought 4” as a homage to the legendary mixtape series and a continuation to the emphasis on impressive lyricism and wordplay. Chuck’s first release after fatherhood is best described as a musical playground to refresh listeners. Prideful talk or adequate self-appreciation? You be the judge.
Album/Mixtape Release
Born and raised 21 years in and around Chicago, 3 years in LA, 2 years in Miami and now I'm here. I've spent my entire 14+ years of making music distinguishing my sound from the crowd while finding where that homegrown sound would fit and I believe I've found it here in ATL. I've already won ATL's renowned "Exposure Open Mic" and have became an intern audio engineering at Grand Hustle/No Genre/DefiEnt studios. 4 months in, now that my feet are planted I'm ready to make my mark in modern Hip-Hop's Motown!
General Update