DaLomonze added a notch to his belt by connecting with Aulsondro Hamilton, B.K.A Emcee N.I.C.E. This stellar award winning, multi-grammy nominated producer, writer and recording artist, has worked with 2 Pac, Nas, Al B. Sure, MC Lyte, Fred Hammond, and MORE. DaLomonze insists this isn't the last time you'll hear this collaboration. Blending a timeless, Faith/RnB vibe with the bars of Emcee N.I.C.E in "Back To Christmas". It's definitely going to be on your holiday playlist and DASH radio stations yearly.
Single Release
Recently released “On A Sunday” by DaLomonze ft Watchman Dee, Captain Virtue and Jamie Vaughn has taken off in a whirlwind. From remixes to dances to now, news features. Currently sitting 220 on internet radio charts “On A Sunday” landed a news spot this week. View the entire story here: https://www.wkyc.com/mobile/video/news/local/cleveland/love Sept. 18, 2020: There's a new TikTok dance lots of people are trying out for themselves. The song, 'On a Sunday,' is from Cleveland native Damien DaLomonze.
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Single Release Date: AUGUST 21st Contact: @dalomonze and @offical_dalo on IG DaLomonze releases On A Sunday via radio and streaming Platforms following signing on Nae Thompson Pr Agency.
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