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Kongo MadStak has always been one to accept a challenge. That fact couldn't be more true with his latest submission for The Standard, an online song competition organized by fellow artist and producer Brandon French. The competition allows artists to write and record an original song to a specific beat each round which is then critiqued by a panel of judges. Kongo's round 65 submission "Legacy" once again showcases his superior song writing skills as well as his ability to steamroll any and all competition.
General Update
MadStak Studios knows what it means to stay busy. They also know what it means to be relavent, dope, on top of their game, paving the way, etc... Kongo MadStak is no exception with the release of his new single "64". Produced by Focus On The Beat, "64" is an excellent showcase of Kongo's versatility and overall love for music. The song boasts an island vibe that's very hard not love as well. The highlight of the song however, is the fact that Kongo drops 17 Nintendo 64 references in the 2nd verse alone.....
Single Release
MadStak Studios, the independent production company based out of Ogden, UT, continues to turn heads with a fourth studio project making its' way onto Pandora Internet Radio. The latest album from JSapp MadStak, "Tri State Hustle", is the newest project to be approved by the station. Although considered an official JSapp project, "Tri State Hustle" is truly a collaborative effort feat JSapp, Kongo and Mr. 200 MadStak. Previous selections include Kongo's "Coming For The Crown", "Blackboard", and "Fire & Ice".
Radio Debut