Ron Raxx

Right in time for summer! Ron Raxx and hit making producer, "Jay-P Bangz" link up yet again for another banger. This time, sampling Lil Jons' "Get Low". "Yes Lawd" serves as a dedication to acrobatic, multi-tasking exotic dancers. Raxx, (assisted by "Young Byrd") takes listeners from the window to the wall and beyond. Uptempo, edgy flows and trunk-rattling 808's, ensure this will be played in a variety of settings. The accompanying video also features a pool party that would make BET uncut proud.
Music Video Release
Ron Raxx has quickly displayed star potential. The Creator of Stick Squad Ent. broke new ground with the Jay-P Bangz-Produced "Like Stunnaā€¯(Jay-P Bangz also produced "Sleep Walkin" for Mozzy, on the Black Panther Soundtack). It's something about the way those 808s hit on "Like Stunna" The sultry bass-line grips you immediately, not to mention, Magnolia Chop kicking pure Southern Flavor on the infectious hook. This is a True Player's Anthem, I'm stamping this a certified banger from "Uptown to The Town".
Single Release