Slimeball AP

Slimeball AP the 20 y/o female artist from Thomasville, Ga has decided to extended her creative palette to beat-making and production. She has released two beats under her producer name "APOnDaTrack" out on YouTube. She is open to all collaborations and feedback from other artists and producers. For all contact & collaboration inquires DM @SlimeballAP on Instagram. Check out her new unreleased "Splurge Type Beat" exclusively on Soundcloud!
Throughout high school, growing up Slimeball AP was considered an outcast. From attending at a majority white highschool, the school choir group was the closest thing she had to an escape haven for music. After graduating, AP attended college in Atlanta, Ga where she connected and networked with other likeminded artists. This rap melodic mixtape is a combination of her life after high school, when her music started to develop more and traction picked up in Atlanta. Her singles Lamez, and Havoc are fan favs.
Album/Mixtape Release
Slimeball AP, the 20 y/o entrepreneur and independent artist from Thomasville, Ga, has been working on an upcoming EP that will spark a new wave of music! She surprises her audience with the single release of “Occupation”. “Occupation” shines light on a new chill wave of trap 808s and melodic flows, while keeping a unique lyrical cadence. A.P. drops this as a gift for her audience on her birthday Aug 1st and which it is now available on all platforms! 🎁
Single Release