Struc Supreme has been nominated by the Independent Tone Awards for "Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" & "Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist if the Year". The ITA’s goal is to honor individuals like Struc Supreme who have earned their placement in the independent music industry. Now that Struc Supreme been nominated, the next step is to reach out to all his fan base, family members, and who ever supports Struc's movement, and ask them to place a vote on the website to help build Struc Supreme's nominations.
General Update
There’s no question national recording artist Struc Supreme has the spirit of a hustler. Not only is he a full time hip-hop recording artist and song writer but he is also a radio personality and director of marketing and promotions for a global online magazine. Possibly one of the most sought after artist on the independent circuit, Struc Supreme has delivered another quality banger to build the anticipation for what is to come. Check out his new single called "PE$O" heating up the streets worldwide!!!
Single Release
Unsigned and definitely Underrated, Struc Supreme has begun to take Atlanta's underground hip hop world by storm. Within one year Struc's buzz has grown on social media, in many Atlanta clubs, and radio stations. His grind is relentless, One of the few indie artists who have a global following with features from Pennsylvania to Paris. His 2015 mixtape "HUSTLA'S SPIRIT VOL.1" has 11 tracks, 2 bonus tracks and a hidden track. Support the #Hustle
Album/Mixtape Release