10,000 Hours Music

Listen to No Apologies Needed on Soundcloud. It's about being in the music industry and the friends who don't have anything to do with you UNTIL you make it. He's saying, Don't say I'm sorry - it's not going to happen. Those who ride with me all the way are in!
Single Release
Born in Boston, raised in Atlanta makes for an interesting mix of lyrics and beat. Dawg Town showcases Wyrez's sublime lyrical ability. Check it out!
Album/Mixtape Release
Lock in with KeyBoy at www.keyboy.net or on social media as KeyBoy or KeyBoyMM. My management is 10,000 Hours Music-Atlanta. Contact Tracy Morris at tenthousandhoursforyou@gmail.com. I recently did a show with Naughty by Nature in Atlanta and I would love to send you my set. I'll be at SXSW on March 18th at the Chuggin Monkey on 6th Street 1PM - come and party with me! Ride and Die!