Khaleo A.K.A. BlaccRayden

This note is a perspective of mine: TLDR = The current of life is wild, find your lane and jam in it. I am a human being, just like you who are reading this. My life is not much more different than yours. We approach a goal or set of goals as we live our lives. This, in turn, returns to us as what defines our character. Keeping a clear view of one's objectives will be challenging with the distractions available to us, but we as mindful creators do have the ability to make the new reality we "see".
If you need a doctor like I need a doctor, I got the remedy right here... Light up some of your good shit, incense, trees or what have you - and start trippin' on this new fire fresh out the booth! Big shout out to LaFayetteBeatz for the track! For real though, until there's a *****vaccine***** for Covid-19, please don't engage in stupid decisions that will endanger your local community. Take precautions and think before you act. Beyond that, this whole world needs a g*dd*mn doctor. I AM THAT GUY.
Single Release
To the Reader: Hey, thanks for dropping by - BlaccRayden here to let you know that we have some excellent projects coming soon with my name on it! And that's not an overstatement - these projects are works of art that deserve their own shine, and they'll get theirs accordingly through time. No name drops yet, nor concepts in specific - just know that we all have a lot of energy gathering to do for our individual selves, whether anyone likes it or not. So until then, listen to this new song!
General Update