I was given the opportunity of being sponsored to open for new R&B sensation Rod Wave in Atlanta on July 25th, 2020. The whole experience was a blessing and super inspiring for me. I've opened for a few acts before but no one as big as Rod Wave and I was fortunate enough to be in a position in my career to take advantage of the opportunity for great content and a line on my resume. I want to thank you guys here in the community and Makinitmag employees and board members for allowing this for me! - BRUCE777*
Wasting absolutely no time, BRUCE777* starts off the year in a big way. Threatening to be his most-streamed release to date, BRUCE777*'s THOT THOT ! track is growing quickly around the Atlanta Area. Performing the song at Stankonia Records in Atlanta was a dream, however he's now turned his sights towards the music video. "I've had many rather crude, unusual, even dangerous encounters with women and I'm really determined to express that through both the music and the video," he says. Video - IGTV @Bruce777_
Single Release