In these $treets Rec.&44cal Ent. Present: Magadino the Chemist What's on the Menu?

Magadino the Chemist & CabraKhan22 teaming up to bring you the finest Stuff on the Card: What's on the Menu? A Dream comin true for every Canabalistic Motherfucker out there! Featuring: Lil Infamous(Seed of 6ix), Playboy the Beast, Claas(LSP), DJ Lil Sprite, $iren of $outhKro$$, Don Orias, Z(Brainsick), CabraKhan22(In these $treets Rec.), Insane the most Wicked(44cal Ent.), Insane LOC, Buddha LOC(in these $treets Rec.), Trebs, Nightmare, Forilla & Ricardo de Castro to satisfy your HUNGER for FLESH
Album/Mixtape Release