Charlee Parker

This video was released on 9/24/19, but I wasn't a full mimber at the time so I'm back tracking a bit. Out of literally 100's of rappers, the video won me 2nd in a popular rap contest called "No Sucka MC's", held by renown producer, "Kato on da track". Check it out!
Music Video Release
Mannnnn! Big Big BIG shoutout to Kelby and Makin it Magazine for this golden opportunity! We drove 8 and a half hrs all the way from my hometown of Canton, Ohio. My wife and I arrived about 45 minutes before soundcheck and immediately got it poppin lol! The energy in the crowd was amazing and I CAN NOT wait to do it again! The promoter, "Big Mike" was professional, well mannered, and overall a pleasant host in general. My music is available on all platforms! Again, thank you SO MUCH for choosing me!