Fitch Means

Celebrating a big win this month. I was verified on Social Media!!! I’ve been working behind the scenes with Major artist as well as Indie Artist. Work hard and get it done has been the model. So I’m hoping all artist continue to reach for the moon With that being said I’m releasing ‘Love Games’ 💛 ; a playful interlude from my upcoming Album. You can preorder it here: & follow me on Instagram @fitchmeans
Upcoming Release
Fitch Means is back with Calling, a danceable love track that flips the perspective of modern day love. He uses quick verbiage to highlight uncertainty and mystery while maintaining a great track to dance to! Calling out now!
Single Release
2AM Drive was written during a low point in life, right after a breakup. It was a challenge for me to get through this particular era, but in the same breath, I think this project was what I needed. The title of the EP pays tribute to the drives I take to clear his mind, and what seeing the moon at 2 am means to me. I wanted to combine the relatable feelings with a lo-fi, R&B sound to create a chill, dynamic EP everyone can enjoy.
Album/Mixtape Release