Young Frost

South Carolina Frost drops "Like This"

Frost drops his new visual to its latest single "Like This. " This is his first release since last summers project " Best to be Debated". Teaming up with Filmswave Bray, The mood of this track is feeling everybody wants to rap now and talk like they got a bag, when in reality they don't. Everybody puts on a facade so I am like " Hold up, let me talk my shit and walk how I walk. You walk like this and talk like you can't until you put in the work. Basically a humble F You - I cut off all the leeches.
Single Release

Young Frost wins Producer/Artist battle at The Link Up Showcase in June

Young Frost showed out in Greenville SC when The Link Up Producer/Artist Battle showcase came to town in June. He brought is whole movement and connected with Team Makinit Mag Kelby and Kim, All Access Jay from K100 Radio, Al Greene from Coalition DJ's Carolina and impressed the judges with his performance and new songs "What's Love" And "No Leftovers"

Young Frost "No Leftovers" added to Portland Trailblazers DJ DJOGONE playlist

The latest single No Leftovers has been picked up by the Official Portland Trailblazers DJ O.G.ONE and being played during warmups and halftime this season and during the playoffs. DJ O.G.ONE is a big supporter of independent artists with dope music.
General Update

"No Leftovers" made it into rotation on ILL or KILL on K100 Radio

Frost's new single made it through with an almost unanimous ILL vote on this week's K100 Radio segment ILL or KILL. His new single speaks to his personal experience with fake people wanting his attention. "We ain't got relations, so why you at the table" This song has been getting lots of love in his hometown and motivating him to put out more music sooner than later. Video for the song is coming soon. Check it out on all platforms: Frost-No Leftovers
Radio Debut

Frost locked in the studio

Frost has been locked in the studio working on new music lately . He recently lost a close friend to suicide and has been using that energy to work even harder. He will be releasing a new single called "No Leftovers" in the next few weeks and MakinitMag mimbers will be one of the first to hear it once it is ready.
In the Studio