"It's 21 degrees. I still say by any means". Bars! That's what the caption read on a picture he posted where he was found in below freezing weather. The Michigan native Scevnth had a red nose recording in a car that obviously wasn't keeping him warm in the middle of winter! This is coming after releasing his latest single "2021" that captured his thoughts on the year that scarred us all... 2020. Will his dedication and bars keep him warm enough to make it through the night? See Scevnth battle the cold below
In the Studio
The Story of Scevnth start's off on his 3rd official song release "Might as Well" and has now been released on all platforms following his songs "Baby Cakes" and "Just Dabbin". If your asking why does his story start on song 3 and not 1, the simple answer is... WHO KNOWS!? It might have something to do with the artwork correlation but that's something we need to catch up to him about. What are your thoughts? "Might as Well" by Scevnth Listen Below
Single Release