Ghost Bandana

Ghost Bandana is going from the basketball court to the strip club. After dropping Mamba Forever on Kobe Day, Ghost Bandana is displaying another level of lyrical performances over the dopest twerk beats. This Mixtape is full of bangers to keep dat azz shaking and liven up any party. We bringing the strip club to you now bring yo azz to the club and turn up. Follow me @GhostBandana on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify.
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Mamba Forever is a mentality. It’s that moment when your are not a player, but the teams driving force. In this song we dive into two different aspects of Kobe Bryant’s life. Ghost Bandana puts Kobe Bryant’s career into perspective, while Quake the Great encapsulates his retirement. This is the hottest one two punch since Shaq and Kobe. Hit that like button, subscribe, comment, share, and enjoy. 219 stand up. 901 stand up. 313 stand up.
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