Grizzy Wynter

“Weird Flex” is a killer new track from Grizzy Wynter. A dope and heavy beat drops and immediately demands attention from the listener. CXCX Chu Chu joins Grizzy on this track and the chemistry and empowering attitude bleeds through the speakers. Grizzy Wynter spits addicting and quirky bars throughout every verse. He’s able to convey his confidence and multi skill set through his unique tone and style. Grizzy Wynter’s rap ability is incomparable!
Music Video Release
Recently along with RCN Koco, Grizzy Wynter released the heavy high-intensity single “Paperchase” and it is full of attitude and vibes. Throughout “Paperchase” we were captivated by each of the incredible vocal performances, there’s a bit of an awe-inspiring feeling to this release. We were constantly on the edge of our seats listening to each lyric, “Paperchase” is a lot more attention-grabbing than we expected - it makes you want to pay attention to each lyric.
Single Release