Vunna J

Most recently, singer/songwriter Vunna J performed at Apache XLR, Soul Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia. Performing is a fierce love for the young vocalist, and this was a great way to hit the stage again after a couple months of deep focus for her next release. Vunna J commands any stage she stands on and it's evident with every vocal that comes out and hits her microphone. She has been writing in over time while prepping for an EP and getting together the best plan of action for the roll out her next project.
Vunna J is in full grind mode! This recent college graduate has decided to enter the music game with some R&B heat! On December 11th, she released her first ep as a singer/ songwriter called "A Millennial Love Story" and is making some noise in the ATL. Within the first week of her release, "A Millennial Love Story" received over 4,000 streams! She states she is excited to share her music and is already working on her next project. Be sure to check out "A Millennial Love Story" out on all major platforms.
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