Jastin Artis

Right from the beginning of “This Black Skin,” you know you’re in for an uplifting song full of Black pride as Jastin Artis encourages listeners to sing “I’m Black and I love it.” Through the track's smooth lyrics, catchy rhythms, and powerful message to love yourBlack skin even when society might tell you otherwise, it is the perfect addition to any Black History Month playlist. “This Black Skin,” is the first single from his upcoming album "Love In Darkness I," on February 5, 2021.
Single Release
Jastin Artis is on a mission as a "Black Male Dad Artist." Currently, in the midst of a custody battle with his ex-wife, he knows all the struggles that single fathers go through to spend quality time with their children. His new album, “The Separation,” is a project dedicated to changing this dynamic in America. His album chronicles his recent experiences, but it’s also a deeply inspirational album filled with music and lyrics that make listeners perk up and pay attention. To learn more, click the link.
Album/Mixtape Release