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Hello WORLD! Don't forget to donate some of that stimulus and tax refund spending on the JMONEY & CAUUTION album "Out tha Gate" available on all digital platforms! Now, is that a statement or what? Was it too bold? Well, it's just the truth these days. JMONEY & CAUUTION "Out tha Gate" album has nine selections for your listening ears. This album was made to expose their many talents. "U Funny," "G-Shi," "Slow It Down" and "Out tha Gate" are songs trending on the album. Check it out!
Album/Mixtape Release
JMONEY & CAUUTION are artists from Birmingham that's ready to prove that they mean business. Busting out with their new single and video "G-Shi" that has a new southern hip-hop energetic sound with a melodic-rap hook style from JMONEY. CAUUTION added clever lyrics to the rap song and he produced the single "G-Shi." These young guys are very talented. This is their first video and appearance in the music world. Watch the full video on KenXL and N-Terstate Underground You Tube pages!
Music Video Release