The OFFICIAL music video for the catchy song "Pablo" - Kiga has been released, & it does not disappoint! Kiga takes a different route in this video, it has a storytelling perspective that you might not catch if you aren't perceptive enough. One thing is for sure, his message is clear, "don't f*ck with me", & it is one that surely won't be forgotten unless your willing to suffer the same fate (as the character in the video), all in all its excellent content, deserves an oscar. Be sure to check it out!
Music Video Release
The wock$tar himself is back with another bop! With heavy undeniable Spanish/Latin influences in this song stemming from the guitar on the beat, numerous references to "narcos", & with the song title being "Pablo" its not difficult to see which direction this song is heading in. His execution is interesting, he raps in a steady flow that is in a clear and coherent format, whilst bilingually bouncing back and forth, with a very soothing voice and a catchy, melodic hook. Whats not to love? Listen now!
Single Release