During moments of civil unrest, a viral pandemic, and a newborn baby, Kope finds himself telling more stories and pressing more wounds on wax. He opens his mind with the bold, in-your-face, thoughtful track, Wake Up. Dedicated to the black lives lost in this country to nonsense. This sets you in the mood to hear more life, more love and question the liberty of the groups of people in this country. It is not to be overlooked. He later begins in his home, telling you more and more of how he’s become this man.
Album/Mixtape Release
Tonight is Kope’s spring opening, since the release of his debut album; Profound Aura. It was designed to bring an uplifting, energetic vibe during our time spent in social distancing. Kope is center stage with attention directly on his counterpart. Comments about his daily life, how he maintains on a regular, his frustrations and a period where trust between him and his counterpart had fallen. He’s speaking on events that happened January 2020 and Tonight is the night to discuss it.
Single Release